Company Profile

Lower Alsace Volunteer Ambulance Association


Founded: 1987

Serves: Lower Alsace Township, Alsace Township and Mt. Penn Borough

Recent Developments

We have gone ALS!
The time was right, we took our care to the next level! Since March, we have been staffing Paramedics around the clock. This change brings the standard of care to our residents faster than ever.

2015 Fund Drive
Be sure to renew your ambulance memberships. It keeps your costs down when you need us and it helps us stay in business.

Thousands of calls for 911 services are made each year in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Lower Alsace Ambulance has been answering those medical calls for the Central Berks Region since 1987


We seek to bring swift, professional and effective medical care to those in need. The emergency medical field has been rapidly evolving and we are constantly taking steps to keep ahead of the curve. With our hard work and dedication, we believe that our residents rest comfortably knowing they are safe in our hands.

What We’re Doing