How Does this Help Us?

The fund drive is a lot like an insurance plan; It spreads the cost of services out over a manageable time period, which, benefits you and us.


Although we lose potential money when a member needs our services, not all members of the fund drive will utilize our services in a given year. It is the surplus of healthy members that we count on to keep our finances floating. But this means the fund drive only helps us when the community as a whole joins the effort.

That's why we're counting on you. Join us this year and support your local ambulance efforts. Health is a precious balance and anybody's can take a turn for the worse. Be as prepared to care for yourself as we are prepared to care for you.

Keeping an ambulance station up and running is not easy work. We need your help! The membership fund drive is a way to keep our doors open and costs down for you.


The current era is a tough one for ambulance companies. The margins are tight between insurance payouts and operating costs. To try and balance the two, we run a fund drive for the residents in our coverage area. For the annual cost of $35 for an individual and $60 for a household we will waive any debt owed not covered by insurance.

It is typical for the use of a 911 ambulance to cost an individual between $700 and $1100 depending on the services rendered. Often times insurance companies will only cover half of that bill, leaving the individual with empty pockets that are already sore from hospital bills. By subscribing to our membership service, we will accept payment from your insurance company as payment in full.

2015 Fund Drive